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Message from the Dean

Welcome to Barreiro School of Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS website.

Barreiro School of Technology/IPS with headquarters in Barreiro is a higher education institution integrated in Setúbal Polytechnic Institute with scientific, pedagogical, administrative, statutory and cultural autonomy. Barreiro School of Technology defines its mission by the development of tertiary education activities, research and services provider that contributes for the creation, development, knowledge dissemination and transfer and to the promotion of science and culture, always bearing in mind social justice and informed citizenship enlightened by knowledge and values, constantly seeking to contribute to the valorization and development of the district and of society in general.

Currently, Barreiro School of Technology is home to several degree programmessuch as six undergraduate (bachelors) courses (Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Construction Management and Petroleum Technology), three master’s courses (Building Conservation and Rehabilitation, Biological and Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering) and Professional Higher Technical Courses (short cycles named CTeSP such as Construction Site Management, Energy Rehabilitation and Building Conservation, Chemical and Biological Laboratory Technologies, Technologies and Information Systems Programming, Surveying and Geographic Information Systems).

Barreiro School of Technology presents a dynamic, proactive teaching staff, most of them holding a PhD and being highly motivated and available to support the students in their learning process. Barreiro School of Technology training programmes reflect high quality standards in an accurate and of great requirement frame. Our teaching staff possesses a high level of scientific and pedagogical competence and also demonstrate the concern of Barreiro School of Technology in terms of including teaching staff with high professional experience.

The institutional values, citizenship and responsibility preside over the development of the scientific and pedagogical methods at Barreiro School of Technology. Therefore, it is expected that the students develop themselves at the School and that the School grows in them throughout their lives. Barreiro School of Technology offers a unique family-like environment among the students, teachers, and non-teaching staff, a pleasant place and is well equipped for learning processes either on specific equipment or infrastructures.

In my personal name and on behalf of Barreiro School of Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS community we extend you the invitation to start with us your learning path that will define your future life. Bearing in mind the demands and the sophisticated and competitive nature of organizations, you are expected to acquire and renovate your academic training throughout your life. Barreiro School of Technology/ESTBarreiro/IPS is prepared to accompany you on this path.

Academic Greetings,

Dean of Barreiro School of Technology

Professor Pedro Manuel Garcia Vieira Neto, PhD

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